We’re pleased to announce the availability of version v1.20 of the DFA API. This latest release exposes many new properties on the objects in our API. These new fields are useful for customers interested in generating match tables. A full listing of these additions can be found in our release notes page.

Version v1.20 can be thought of as an optional release. Since v1.20 is an optional release, it and v1.19 will both remain usable once your account is upgraded to use DDMM. If you don’t require access to the new fields exposed in this version, you do not need to update your application at this time. Please remember that v1.18 has been sunsetted.

Questions or comments about this release, performing updates, or anything else related to using our API are always welcome on our forum.


We have just released version 6.4.1 of the Google AdMob SDK for both Android and iOS. The Android release includes:

  • The ability to resize a DfpAdView using dfpAdView.resize(AdSize)
  • A fix for the ANR errors seen in v6.3

The iOS release fixes a crash that occurs if the Advertising Identifier is nil.

You can get the latest SDKs from our downloads page. Find us on the forum if have questions about the new Google AdMob SDKs. You can also check out our Google+ page for ads-related updates.


Today we’re releasing version 6.4.0 of the Google AdMob SDK for iOS developers. In addition to the maintenance and bug fixes listed below, this version of the SDK completes the transition away from UDID, which began with version 6.2, in compliance with relevant Apple policies.

There are a number of maintenance updates and bug fixes including:

  • No longer accesses the UDID
  • Fix for GADInterstitial crash that occurs when app is running in the background
  • Fix for GADMRAIDInterceptor threading crash
  • Renaming symbols to prevent duplicate symbol errors
  • Support for receiving test ads when using AdMob through mediation
  • Test ads are only available on devices running iOS 6 and above

Check out the release notes for a full list of updates. You can download the latest SDK from our downloads page. If you’ve got questions or concerns about using the new AdMob SDK, please post to the forum or check out our G+ page.

Polygon Criterion, (also referred to as custom shapes, multi-point or polygon targets) was deprecated in 2011. They are now sunset in AdWords as we had previously announced. Until recently, developers were able to retrieve and individually delete any old polygon targets, using Adwords API.

As of now, all the polygon targets in Adwords campaigns have been deleted. You can continue to retrieve any accumulated stats of previous polygon targets using Geo Performance Report.

Please use other location targeting features available in Adwords for your campaigns.
As always, please feel free to ask any questions regarding AdWords API on our forum for AdWords API. You can also follow the Google Ads Developer page for all Ads-related updates.

- Takeshi Hagikura, AdWords API Team

In the recent DFP v201302 release, we announced that the ability to run sell through reports (STRs) is now available via the API. This has led to a bit of confusion as some developers who are able to run STRs through the web UI received a ReportError.COLUMN_VIEW_NOT_ALLOWED message when using these new dimensions through the API. We would like to clarify how you’ll be able to access STRs.

We are in the process of updating STRs for networks that have them enabled. The current version of STRs isn’t accessible via the API. Once updated, you will be able to run STRs through the API right away as the columns already exist in the report service. Please speak with your account manager about when your network will be updated.